5 Iconic Chairs For Timeless Interiors

The right chairs can definitely make or break a space, with infinite amounts of choices it can be hard to narrow down your options and make a decision.... When I think about furnishing a space, I always look to styles that have stood the test of time.

These 5 iconic chair styles have not only been around for centuries but have proven to be functional and stylish through many shifts in trends. So whether you're looking for a dining chair or accent chair, I know you'll adore these styles for much longer than just this season!

1. Classic Bentwood Bistro Chair: this timeless classic virtually never goes out of style, like a little black dress, this chair might be styled differently throughout the years but will always remain relevant.

2. Mid-Century Modern Shell Chair: This classic chair was designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1963 but still remains stylish today. It's curved design and mixed materiality gives it an airy Scandinavian look, perfect for an accent lounge chair.

3. Mid-Century Modern Swoop Back Chair: heres another style for all the mid-century lovers, this one looks great in rich walnut tones with dark upholstery and is perfect for a dining room!

4. Wishbone Chair: this timeless classic adds interest and impact to the space... with curvy bentwood accents and tones of colour combinations available, its far from a "hide in the corner" chair and definitely a forefront accent.

5. Jeanneret Chair: this armchair is perfect for a dining space or chic little desk area... the colour combination shown in this image by Eyeswoon is my personal favourite. Dark black frame with light wood perforated inner panelling... amazing!!