5 Ways to Incorporate Terrazzo into Your Home

Terrazzo is currently trending throughout the design world. This popular material has however been around for centuries... Reminiscence of terrazzo tile can be found in ancient temples which date all the way back to ancient Egypt and Rome. The name itself, meaning “terrace” in Italian was developed and modernized in Venice throughout the 18th century.

The material as we know it today consists of fragments of quartz, stone, glass and marble bound together with cement or epoxy. Most of the time, the glass and stone utilized within the terrazzo will be recycled content, meaning this material a very eco-friendly option.

Modern applications of terrazzo tend to consist of large, geometric fragments against a highly contrasted background.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate the terrazzo trend:

1. Countertops – one of the most popular ways to utilize terrazzo is through a kitchen or bathroom countertop. Veering away from the usual white veined marble, terrazzo is a modern and eclectic way to bring some life into your home!

2. Furniture – tables, shelving and pots are all popular items being made from terrazzo… this subtle touch is an easy way to incorporate this trend without a huge commitment.

3. Flooring – with porcelain or vinyl tiles, you can create the sought-after terrazzo look at a quarter of the cost…. Tile a small room or accent area in your home for a splash of colour.

4. Backsplash – if a terrazzo countertop just isn’t doing it for you, try a terrazzo tile backsplash (or both if you’re brave) this is a great way to incorporate the trend in a minimal way, but is guaranteed to make a huge impact on your space.

5. Wallcoverings – cover your walls with terrazzo! I would suggest picking a small room in your home such as a powder room or bedroom, & go crazy with it!