DIY Textured Canvas Wall Art

DIY Textured Canvas Wall Art Step By Step Tutorial How To Create Home Decor

I'm absolutely LOVING the look of the textured canvas art that has been trending all over Pinterest lately... It's understated, subtle and super easy and affordable to make yourself!

You only need 3 things to get started with this DIY:

  1. Drywall Plaster - I used the Lepage Polyfilla from Amazon!

  2. Putty Knife - I got this plastic one from Home Depot

  3. A blank Canvas - this one on Amazon is 11" x 17" and comes in a pack of 3 Derwent Academy Canvas Panels

DIY Textured Wall Art Materials Canvas Drywall Plaster Spackling Putty
DIY Textured Wall Art Materials

After you have all your materials you're ready to start!

Fill your putty knife with some drywall plaster and start creating organic texture throughout the entire canvas... the more random - the better!!

After finishing one layer - I let it dry completely and added another layer on top for even more depth & dimension!

Once you have the perfect amount of texture - let your canvas dry completely for about 24 hours...

You can now paint your canvas any colour you want... or just leave it white like I did!

Textured Canvas Art White Plaster Home Decor
Finished Textured Canvas Art

Textured Canvas Wall Art Home Decor Styled Bedroom Dresser Coffee Table Book Vase Dried Flowers
Textured Wall Art Styled