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Home Design for 2021 and Beyond

Looking into the future and reflecting off the craziness of 2020 we can only be optimistic and hope for a better year ahead….

During these strange times when being a “good citizen” means staying home, there has literally never been a better time to improve your surroundings!

This past year has also brought to the surface a lot of flaws in modern design and home layouts…

With a lot of us working remotely, our homes have been transformed into mini offices and schools.

Which can take a huge toll on the overall calm atmosphere and bring in a lot of extra clutter.

Here are some home design elements for 2021 and beyond:

The Importance of a Den

With so many of us working from home or having to sit through Zoom lectures on the daily, it’s super hard to stay focused or to get some privacy.

Having a home office or designated den in your home could be your saving grace…. Eliminating distraction and extra clutter on your kitchen table!

If you don’t have the space – set yourself up in a quiet corner near a window with plenty of natural light.

Storage is Everything

If the pandemic has taught us anything – it’s that you never know when you’ll need to stock up…. Okay, definitely don’t panic buy.

But having organized storage space and spacious closets in your home is so important to reduce clutter and keep surfaces clean & clear.

Storage doesn’t have to be boring either - Pantry and Mud Room design can be super stylish, and with the right cabinetry you’ll want to keep those doors open and show off the space.

Open Concept is Great… but Rooms are Important

Open concept design has been the bee’s knees since the Property Brothers knocked down that first wall on HGTV.

And (to an extent) I agree… the main space in a home should definitely be open and inviting.

But if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes – we need some space from the people were living with.

Laundry Doesn’t Need to Feel like a Chore

Okay no one actually enjoys doing laundry… but when your laundry room is organized and beautifully designed it can be a little more bearable.

When it comes to placement of a laundry room in a new build – think about your individual needs…

Are you a healthcare worker/essential worker? If so, you may want to consider a laundry room near the mudroom/entrance area to reduce the spread of germs throughout the house.

Self Care is Essential… So, Indulge

I think we can all agree, it’s been a stressful one. Now more than ever its important to take the time to wind down and take care of yourself.

Invest in home elements that are solely for the purpose of comfort & pleasure - & don’t feel guilty!

Because we all deserve a warm bath on a Sunday evening….

Quartz Counters are Smart and Sexy

And lastly this common misconception: an organized home is a clean home.

2020 has shown us the importance of deep cleaning your home – especially kitchens and bathrooms which are prone to harmful germs/bacteria.

Choosing the right material for your countertops can make a HUGE difference in the cleanliness of your space.

Quartz is both anti-bacterial & anti-microbial, and

one of the hardest non-porous materials on earth…. you literally can’t go wrong.

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