How To Create Mood Boards Using Canva

How to Create Interior Design Mood Boards Using Canva

Mood boards are the best way to set the tone when starting a new interior design project... They're the perfect way to organize your thoughts, gather inspiration images and come up with cohesive paint colour schemes!

The best site for Interior Designers or home owners to create engaging mood boards online for free is Canva! With thousands of templates and fonts - Canva gives you the tools and ability to create beautiful content for your clients or social media.

You don't have to be a professional graphic designer or artist - Canva is SUPER easy to use and learn if you've never used the program before.

Follow this simple tutorial for an easy to follow step by step guide on how to create professional looking virtual mood boards using Canva!

STEP 1: Browse Templates

When you open up Canva you will be taken to their main homepage that has a bunch of template examples to choose from...

You can choose from one of these main template examples - or if your template doesn't show up here you can do a search!

For this mood board tutorial I searched "mood boards photo collages" and tons of templates came up... now all you have to do is pick your favourite!

STEP 2: Choose a Template

There are so many great options to choose from - pick one that suits your brand or aesthetic.

For this tutorial I picked the Brown and Green DIY Collage Interior Design Moodboard Photo Collage... you can now click "Customize this template".

TIP: for interior design mood boards I always try to pick a template that has spots for paint colour options!

STEP 3: Start Designing

Once you've selected your template and you're inside - you can start customizing it to fit your needs!

Add inspiration photos, change the background, customize the font and wording...

You can upload your own photos that you've saved or taken yourself - OR you can use stock photos straight from Canva!

As you can see I customized my template to reflect a concept for a Main Bathroom...

This is a great template because it allows you to easily add notes and a colour scheme!

If you are an interior designer or aspiring to be one - I would highly recommend upgrading to Canva Pro.

There are SO MANY extra features that allow you to create engaging designs - my favourite Pro feature being the Background Remover which allows you to easily get rid of the background in any image within seconds!

I used to take hours and struggle with Photoshop throughout design school when I needed to remove a background... if I had only discovered Canva back then my life would have honestly been so much easier!!

Canva Pro also gives you access to hundreds of fonts, templates and allows you to organize your designs and save them all in one spot!

The Canva App is super convenient because it lets me open up designs and drawings from my iPhone from literally anywhere... So if I'm on-site or in a client meeting I have access to all my designs right there!

STEP 4: Saving Your Design

When your design is complete and you're totally happy with your mood board - you're ready to name & save your design!

You can change the name of your design at the top of your page and then click Download.

Save your Design Mood Board Interior Design Canva Pro

You can then save your design as a PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, MP4 or GIF.

Your design will be saved on your homepage under "recent designs" so it's easily accessible if you need to open it and make any changes!

STEP 5: Share your Design

Now the fun part - you can start sharing your design on social media or with your clients!

Or keep it to yourself - use this as a tool to stay organized during a home renovation/remodel.

The possibilities are endless!