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How we Built an Arched Doorway in Our New Build!

How we Built an Arched Doorway In Our New Build Home Interior Design

Since we started building - our goal was to create a home that didn't particularly look like a typical builder grade new build!

So I'm constantly thinking of ways to make our home look more custom, warm and lived in (while staying within our budget)... because there's nothing worse than walking into a new build with zero character!

Building an arched doorway was a simple way for us to add a bit of character to our home... I always loved the look of an arch in a kitchen - considering its the heart of the home and a focal point we thought it would be the perfect place to put it.

So if you're wondering how our very talented carpenter (Joe) made this arch for us & are brave enough to attempt it yourself - here are the basic steps he took to build it!

STEP 1: Take a sheet of plywood and measure out the width of your doorway - mark the width.

Okay now its time for a bit of math....

STEP 2: Figure out the desired height of your doorway from the top of your ceiling height and mark that on your piece of wood. For example: if your ceilings are 9' and you want a 7' door height you will have 2' from the top of the sheet of plywood... make sense?

STEP 3: Find the centre point of your doorway and mark that.

STEP 4: Cut a long thin piece of wood (ruler size) as a template to trace out your arch... from your centre point it must hit the top mark and side marks - creating an arch or semi circle...

Here's a short video for a better idea of this very important step:

Once you have your arch traced out you're ready to start cutting!

Arched Doorway Framed Home Interior Design Plywood Carpentry
Arch Template Drawn out On Plywood

STEP 5: Use a saw to precisely cut the archway along the lines... watch your fingers!

STEP 6: Secure the arched plywood into your doorway... you will need to cut out another piece identical to this one!

Arched Doorway Framed New Build Home Design Interior
Arched Doorway Framed

STEP 7: Next cut a strip of plywood the width of your wall (typically 4") this will be the curved piece that will finish off the bottom of the arch. It will also need to be properly framed in with blocking before this bottom strip is secured.

Framed In Arch Doorway Home Design New Build
Framed In Arch Doorway

Framed In Arch Doorway Home Design New Build Detail
Close Up View of Arch Detail

And there you have it! Your arch is framed and ready for drywall!

These small and simple details can seriously elevate your home - and they really don't take much time or extra expense...

We are leaving this doorway open & it will be leading into a small pantry with open shelving & a mudroom space with a bench and coat hooks...

Stay tuned to hear more about our kitchen design & layout!

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