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Interior Colour Trend: Back to Beige

We definitely never thought we'd be back here, but what do you know.... just like every great trend, it always comes around full circle. Cool toned greys have dominated the past 10 years in the design world, and as we venture away from this cold industrial palette we find ourselves transitioning into a much warmer and welcoming era.

Psychologically, warm-toned interiors have the ability to reduce stress and calm the senses. This movement directly correlates to our subconscious desire to surround ourselves with natural elements and materiality as a resistance of our chaotic fast-paced technology filled life style. There has recently been a shift of appreciation for the authentic, organic and wabi-sabi in our homes, more emphasis is placed on creating spaces that feel like a retreat from the outside world.

When done right, an off-white beige interior is anything but boring. By layering contrasting colours, and dark bold accents the space will be sure the exude elegance and sophistication. Rattan, natural oak, raw concrete and terra-cotta materiality bring an organic feel to the space while still being chic and refined. Bold accents such as matte black, brass and dark marble veining create contrast and interest.

Decorate your space with textiles such as soft linens, wool throws and jute rugs.

Adorn your shelves with imperfect pottery, dried flowers and plaster sculptures.

Embellish your walls with simplistic monochromatic artwork.

Some of my top favourite beige paint colours include:

  • Ballet White: Benjamin Moore

  • Dimity: Farrow & Ball

  • Spiced Honey: Dulux

  • Navajo White: Dunn Edwards

  • Adobe Sand: Behr

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