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Nix Mini 2 Review -The Best Colour Selecting Tool for Creatives!

The Nix Mini 2 Review - The Best Colour Selecting Tool For Creatives

Whether you're an interior designer, home builder, graphic designer, artist, or you just have a passion for colour - the Nix Mini 2 is the perfect little tool to get that perfect match!

As an interior designer, I use my Nix Mini for projects that need an accurate colour match to something existing in the space. Whether that be wall colour, cabinets, artwork, exterior materiality, tile or branding colours...

Using your Nix Mini is SO EASY, all you need to do is connect your phone through the Nix Mobile App & make sure that your desired paint libraries are downloaded (Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, Sherwin Williams, etc...) Once you have that set up you're ready to start scanning!

Place your Nix Mini against the wall, material or object you'd like to colour match & watch the little guy work its magic! Once the surface is scanned you'll get Excellent Matches & Good Matches from your desired colour library (I use Benjamin Moore the most often)

Once you select a colour, the Nix app will automatically come up with different Colour Schemes for you to browse through!

Check out some ways that I use my Nix Mini 2!

Nix Mini 2 White Wall Paint
Finding the perfect white!

Nix Mini 2 Brick Wall Exterior Materials
Matching bricks and exterior materials!

Nix Mini 2 Painting Artwork Mural Walls
Matching artwork, paintings & murals!

Nix Mini 2 Cabinet Doors & Furniture Colour Match
Matching cabinet doors & furniture!

Nix Mini 2 Branding & Logo Colour Match
Matching branding colours & logos!

Nix Mini 2 Colour Chips & Colour Schemes
Exploring similar colours & colour schemes!

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

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