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Project Ivy: Exterior Design

When thinking of the exterior of Project Ivy a few words came to mind...

The first was character... we wanted to create an exterior that was traditional and paid homage to the heritage homes in the area.

The second was timeless... we wanted materials that weren't too trendy and we wouldn't get totally sick of over time.

The third was welcoming...we wanted to design elements that created a warm and inviting front facade - that accentuated the front door as a focal point.

A front porch was definitely a must have feature, and we wanted to incorporate some sort of archway. Originally I had designed an arched front door - however with our budget we had to improvise with a rectangular door and an arched window - which still gives a similar effect!

A round window was also a feature we wanted to incorporate to break up all the clean lines and add some character to the home.

After lots of changes and sleepless nights - FINALLY here is the front facade of Project Ivy:

Front Elevation Exterior Design New Build Two Storey Home
Project Ivy: Front Elevation

On the back side of the home we wanted some peaks - because we have some vaulted ceilings in our living room & main bedroom upstairs.

A small back patio was also implemented which will eventually lead to a larger patio at ground level.

The most important element for me at the rear of the home are the windows. We wanted plenty of natural light - especially in our main living room/kitchen space. We were also lucky enough to be on a property that sloped downwards towards the back - which allowed for big windows in our basement!

Back Elevation Exterior Design New Build Two Storey Home
Project Ivy: Back Elevation

Stay tuned for my next Project Ivy post talking about exterior materials!

HINT: were going dark!!

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