Project Ivy: Exterior Materials

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Ideas for our exterior changed drastically over the course of designing our home...

First we were thinking of going all white with dark trim... We found light brick and siding colours, had all the Pinterest inspo ready to go and we sent our concept to the Architects for approval!

But considering our next door neighbour had an all white house and two homes directly across the street also had the same colour scheme we were out of luck. They denied colours and told us to revisit our exterior materials...

At first I was super disappointed... all the work I had done to design this beautiful white home had gone down the drain and I had to go back to the drawing board.

This was when I stumbled upon Chris Loves Julia's amazing renovation - where they transformed their home into a stunning dark and moody masterpiece... needless to say, I was IN LOVE!

They used weathered brick contrasted against striking dark board and batten siding, it was both timeless and current - exactly what I was going for.

Stone was out of our budget - so we opted for a weathered "stone looking" brick called Nob Hill from Glen-Gery... this brick is smaller in size with lots of colour variation - giving it a heritage feel.

For the siding we went with Midnight Black from James Hardie... which to our surprise was a hidden colour apart of their standard statement collection!

If you click on their website, the darkest colour you will find in their statement collection is Iron Grey. Anything darker is apart of their Dream Collection which is 20-30% more expensive.

After speaking to our local sales rep we found out that Midnight Black was added on to their standard statement collection very recently after being in such high demand!

PRO TIP: always speak to your local sales rep before ordering any materials from any brand - they can always help with cost savings and let you in on insider secrets or new product releases!

Project Ivy is slowly getting there! With all the delays from COVID lockdowns its been a long haul, but it'll totally be worth the journey in the end!!

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Project Ivy: Under Construction