The Best Tile Floor Trends for 2022

Tiles are a timeless and durable material choice for your floors... and there are literally endless possibilities to choose from! Choosing the right tile however, can be super overwhelming...

The right tile can make or break the overall look of a room... depending on the surrounding colours and textures. Each material must play off each other in a way that compliments, and doesn't clash.

Tile trends are going in a more weathered, wabi-sabi look... showcasing the tiles uneven edges and natural patina. We are also seeing trends moving towards classic old world European styles and motifs...

Here are 5 of our favourite timeless tile styles that will be HUGE in 2022...

  1. Checkered

When it comes to classic old world European, this style hits it on the nose. We've seen this popular tile trend for centuries in Parisian castles and Italian villas... This look has made a huge come back in the past few years and will definitely stand the test of time.

Whether you choose a sleek polished tile, or a matte tile with grain/colour variations you really cant go wrong with this bold pattern. If you're worried about business - keep this tile contained to a smaller space such as a mudroom or powder room.

2. Octagon Dot

Octagon Dot is another classic layout historically seen in Victorian style homes floors. This pattern is versatile and works great in kitchens, bathrooms & hallways.

Traditional Octagonal Dot Tile Floors Dark Black and White
Dark Octagonal Dot Tile Floors

3. Herringbone

We love a classic herringbone pattern! This style works best with an elongated rectangular tile, and has the most visual interest when used with tiles that incorporate some colour variation...

4. Brick

Brick floors are an unexpected yet absolutely stunning flooring trend that has just recently gained popularity. This rustic material gives tons of dimension to the space and looks best paired up against tailored cabinetry. Opt for this style in a mudroom or powder room...

5. Stone Tile

As you can see - were really liking anything with texture right now... stone flooring gives you that similar lovely texture of brick flooring with a little less grout. Adding stone floors to your home will give it a warm lived-in look - keep the stone to a neutral tone with a matte finish.