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Top 3 Clé Tile Collaborations Right Now

Clé is my favourite tile brand, with endless options and amazing designer collaborations! Here are my Top 3 Clé tile collaborations right now:

1. Strata Linea

In collaboration with Architect and Designer Rula Yaghmour, this tile series uses repurposed stone from left over building project in the Eastern Mediterranean. The tasteful mix of earth tones, veins and speckles give this tile line an organic feel. Perfect for an accent floor or backsplash!

2. Fornace Brioni

Traditional terracotta with a twist, this collaboration is all about paying homage to the earthy Italian tile but giving it a modern graphic look. This collection can look amazing on accent walls or floors! Absolutely love this tile paired with mid-century modern fixtures.

3. Zio & Sons

This collaboration is all about the zellige! Featuring gorgeous neutral shades to mix and match for a contrasting graphic masterpiece. This collection is perfect for a backsplash, accent wall or even a small floor surface for the perfect Tuscan Villa look!

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