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White Quartz that Looks like Marble

Heading into 2021 the white marble countertop look still remains a timeless trend.

Marble as a countertop material however can have some cons… it’s porous, high maintenance, and prone to stains & scratches.

The authentic look of a marble countertop however is unlike any other… with its organic veining and natural pearlescent shine.

Sometimes, unfortunately marble alternatives (like quartz) can look factory made or unauthentic.

Quartz as a countertop material however is exceptional!

It’s non-porous, anti bacterial, stain and scratch resistant and the list goes on….

Before choosing a quartz countertop it’s important to see the full slab, often times it’s hard to get a good look at the veining pattern from a sample.

It’s important to choose a quartz that has a natural looking vein with a lot of variation… avoid any that look repetitious.

Here is my list of white quartz countertops that look just like marble:

White Quartz The Looks Like Marble Home Interior Design Hanstone Caesarstone Silestone

  1. Soho – Hanstone

  2. Montauk – Hanstone

  3. Montblanc – Caesarstone

  4. White Attica – Caesarstone

  5. Calacatta Monaco – MSI

  6. Calacatta Ida - MSI

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