s e r v i c e s

m o o d   b o a r d   &   m a t e r i a l i t y

Set the tone for your project from the start... having a general idea of mood, style and materiality can help guide your design in the right direction.


Starting with colour schemes, textures, soft/hard finishes and inspiration photos to achieve your desired look & feel! 


   f u r n i t u r e   &   f i x t u r e    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s

Choosing the right furniture, lighting, fixtures and decor is overwhelming, but an important part of the overall design process.


Picking the right products will enhance your space while keeping within your desired style & budget! 

Function is just as important as aesthetics.... at this phase we develop 3D concepts, layouts & accurate dimensioned drawings of your future space.  

Let me help bring your vision to life, and create a space that works for your home or business.  


c o m p l e t e   d r a w i n g    p a c k a g e 



r e m o t e   e - d e s i g n   

If you live far away and want to work with me on a small project, or just have some questions about a current project you're in the middle of, the e-design option is for you. 

Through Zoom consultations and email communication I can help solve design problems and develop concepts for your project!